Judith Fischer has been placing  financial and accounting professionals since 1977.  Her experience  includes numerous placements in a wide variety of organizations  including manufacturing, retail, service, non-profit and distribution  companies.  She was formerly director of the accounting and financial  division of an international executive search firm.  In addition to a  baccalaureate degree from Northern Illinois University, she has advanced  academic training in financial planning, organization theory, and  personnel management.



Ronald Fischer has been helping  organizations solve management problems in financial systems,  organizational structure and executive recruitment since 1966.  Prior to  forming RJ Associates, he served as a management consultant with Arthur  Andersen and KPMG and had entrepreneurial involvement with several  business ventures and turnaround situations.  Mr. Fischer’s academic  background includes a baccalaureate degree in accounting from the  University of Illinois and an MBA in Information Systems from Loyola  University. He has organized Financial Information Systems Seminars, and  has been a faculty member of the 

Pepperdine University MBA Program.