"Our  company had grown to the point where we knew we needed a Chief  Financial Officer with a significantly higher level of skills. This was a  delicate situation. A long-time employee was going to be asked to leave  and the search had to be done confidentially. Judy helped us through  the out-placement process with the terminated employee and fulfilled our  expanding needs.  She identified a thoroughly vetted candidate with the  experience, creativity, and enthusiasm to help us take our company to  the next level of growth."

CEO, growing restaurant chain  

"Ron  has become a 'partnering' resource for our firm. We have had a  tremendous challenge over the last several years attracting financial  and accounting talent. Ron visited our office to talk with us about our  issues. His strong background in Management Consulting with the Big 4  provided a wealth of insights and ideas. We engaged RJA for our  Controller's search and then for other positions. That was over a year  ago. The candidate is happy and we are on the right path for stabilizing  the finance department." 
COO, mid-size technology manufacturer

We  are a young company that's growing rapidly to meet the needs of the  solar industry. We have to be agile and move quickly. RJ Associates has  met our requirements for professional staff. The Director Financial  Analysis, Controller, and Director of Sales Planning have been excellent  additions. We couldn't have found these people on our own.  RJ  Associates knew where to look and how to represent our company in the  most honest and forthright light. I'm grateful for their expertise and  experience.

CFO, manufacturer/distributor

"After using several  sources without much success to identify a new Vice President of  Finance, RJ Associates came to our rescue. Thankfully, through a  colleague's suggestion we brought in Ron to help us. He asked the right  questions to tease out the nuisances of our corporate culture and the  position. Ron made the process work smoothly from the beginning all the  way through the selected candidate's transition. I should have called  Ron first."

CEO large consumer product distributor


"When our investment group took over this struggling company, we knew we had several things to do at the same time:

 stop the cash outflow, get control of receivables, and put an  experienced senior financial person in place; someone with turn- around  experience and someone not afraid of the risks. Judy was tasked with  number three - find the right person. She took the entire problem off my  desk so I could concentrate on the day-to-day job of cleaning up and  turning the company around. The Job Description was our laundry list of  everything this finance person had to be and had to do. Judy found us a  candidate that had 99% of what we asked for. We couldn't have asked for a  better partner to find our VP of Finance."

President, mid-size health care company

When  I came to my current company I was in desperate need of some smart,  experienced accountants. I was brought in to clean up issues related to  an unsatisfactory audit.  Our bank and our investors wanted answers.  But I was constrained by a hiring freeze. RJA found consultants for me  with lots of experience. In all, we had 4-5 consultants. They took over  the clean up and brought the books up to date. That allowed us to have  an unqualified audit the following year. Quickly finding these  consultants was the creative solution we needed. Later, we brought one  on permanently. RJA made it an easy transition. Their creative solution  to my problem was my magic bullet.

CAO, nutritional supplements distributor

Some of our Searches


President/Chief Operating Officer

Chief Executive Officer

Chief Technology Officer

Chief Information Officer

Chief Financial Officer


Assistant Controller

Manager of Financial Planning

Manager Sales Planning

Accounting Manager

Manager of Sales Forecasting

Director of Data Processing

Director of Human Resources

VP Merchant Banking

Director of Acquisitions

VP Finance

Director of Taxes

Director of Credit

VP Trade Finance

Senior Financial Analyst

Treasury Analyst

VP of Treasury

VP of Strategic Planning